November 8, 2020

What NoW?

Covid numbers increasing, political battles continuing to roil, future expectations making many nervous . . . leaves more questions than answers. But Who is in control when everything is upside-down? This message reminds us what our priorities should be: God, His glory; and the souls of those who don't know Him.

November 1, 2020

When Bad Things Happen

In every person's life there are things that cause us to question "Why did God let that happen?"  In today's message, Pastor David addresses those things we don't understand, searching for answers when circumstances  don't seem to make sense.  Find comfort in knowing that even in the midst of bad things, God is still worthy of our trust.

October 25, 2020

"Real Life" Theology- Faithfulness

Believers are called to be faithful, dependable, dedicated, and steadfast. Too often, we find ourselves being anything but those traits because we get caught up in other things instead of serving the Lord. IN 2 Timothy 2:1-13, Paul encouraged Timothy, and us, to follow the examples of faithful as we follow the Lord in faith.

October 18, 2020

"Real Life" Theology: Love

Our lives as believers are to be lived in two directions: Love God, and love others. Jesus commanded it, and also declared that we should follow His example. 

How well you love is a good measure of how well you live. But know this, God didn't just command us to love, He loved first, and sent Jesus to show what love looks like.

October 11, 2020

Real Life Theology- Peace

Do you look at the problems or the problem Solver?  Do you find yourself drowning in worry when God has given us the chance to rest in Him in order to find peace?  This message uses Isaiah 26:3 and Mark 6 to demonstrate how God is asking us to trust Him in the storms of life in order to find perfect peace.

October 4, 2020

Practicing Patience

How do you handle it when you have to wait   . . . when things don't go your way . . . or when times are tough?  In all these things, God can be working on the spiritual quality  of patience in your life.  Pastor David looks at what the Scripture has to say about trusting God when things try your patience.

September 27, 2020


The devil seeks to destroy us through temptation that will ruin our testimony and steal our joy. BUt God is greater, and will make the way for us to live for his glory.  This message reminds us of Satan schemes but of the victory available in Jesus.

September 20, 2020

Let Us Pray!

We know we should pray. We might get confused about how we should pray. But the Lord Jesus gave a pattern to go by that can focus our prayer in order to honor God. Let this message from Matthew 6:9-13 speak to your heart and motivate your prayers.

September 13, 2020

"Real Life" Theology- Forgiveness

What does God expect of us when we have suffered offences? Are we to hold a grudge, plan our revenge, or forgive?  What does forgiveness look like in our lives? From the parable Jesus told in Matthew 18 about forgiveness, we find principles for how and why to forgive.

September 6, 2020


Starting a new sermon series on how our theology affects "real life," we begin with the subject of worship.  What you do is based on what you believe. Does what you believe about God affect the way you celebrate Him in praise, or change the way you live?  This sermon will challenge you to make worship a part of every decision.