November 22, 2020

Are You Thankful?

The story is familiar. The ten lepers were healed, and only one stopped to say thank you in praise for what Jesus had done for him. Are you in the ten percent? Are you grateful for the work of God in your life? Like the leper, we all have a disease (sin) that is deadly, and we can do nothing about it apart from Christ. Have you accepted His healing work of the cross and empty tomb. Have you thanked Him lately for His grace to care for you?  Luke 17,11-19 tells the powerful story!

NOvember 15, 2020

A Call to Worship

Psalm 96 gives a call to worship. It tells us that our we should sing to God to heap glory on His name. We should give to God to worship with open hands. And we should remember that that He will set all things in order because He is the One Who judges righteously. Prepare your heart for Thanksgiving and worship through this significant psalm.