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Bringing Others into

the family

There's nothing quite as exciting as hearing the cry of a newborn baby.  In physical terms, and in the spiritual sense, that is a delightful experience.  We are persuaded that it is one of the greatest responsibilities of believers to be telling others about what Jesus did to provide  salvation.   We gladly proclaim Jesus as "the way, the truth, and the life," knowing He is the only way to be rightly related to God, and eternally forgiven.

Making Disciples

The most important task we have as a congregation is to obediently live up to the commands the Lord gave us.  Jesus told His followers to "make disciples."  We believe that responsibility remains ours today.   Three important aspects of disciple-making are essential.  When we follow the instructions to worship, fellowship, and evangelize, it helps us to stay on track with our task.


We were created for a relationship with God. When we understand what a privilege it is to know Him, it motivates our hearts to express our thanks for all God has done for us in Jesus Christ.  

Worship is the honor we give to God when we acknowledge His grace to us and our dependence on Him.  Worship is not only words, but living in obedience to show our love for God.


Believers in Christ benefit from spending time encouraging one another.  Whether that is in the study of the Word, working together on a project, or sitting at the table sharing a meal . . . fellowship is a key component in keeping strong in our walk with the Lord.  A person who distances himself from other believers will soon discover that it is easier to fall into disobedience.  But a person surrounded by encouraging friends finds strength in fellowship.  God encourages us through one another.


The responsibility of those who know the truth of salvation in Christ is to share it with others.  We can't make someone else believe, but we should make sure they hear that God will forgive whoever calls on the name of the Lord.  At Flemings Chapel, we believe as a church we have a duty to reach those near and far. That's why we tell the gospel in our neighborhood, and support missions that share the gospel around the world. That's the plan the Lord's gave to His disciples in Acts 1:8.

Are You Ready to Believe?

If you are willing to trust in Christ, God is ready to forgive your sins.  Would you be willing to admit that you are a sinner, having offended God by your disobedience?  Do you recognize that Jesus Christ, God in human flesh, died to pay the price you should have paid for your guilt?  And do you believe that God raised Jesus from the dead to give you eternal life? 

You can tell God:  "Lord, I know I am a sinner, and I don't deserve your forgiveness. I believe Jesus paid my debt on the cross, then rose again.  I ask You to forgive me because I trust Christ as my only hope of salvation and forgiveness.  I accept Jesus as my Savior and welcome Him into my life.  Thank You for forgiving me."

If you made that decision, please let us know how we can help you grow in your faith.  God bless you!